Drinking and service water pipes are made from polyethylene PEMD, PELLD, PEHD according to EN 12201-2 for a maximum nominal pressure of PN 7.5 to PN16, depending on the PE used. In the meaning of ČSN720823, they correspond to C3 flammability level.

The pipes are smooth, and uncoated.

They are supplied in coils of 50 m, 100 m, 200 m or, depending on the production technology possibilities, and also in rods of 6 m or 12 m in length.

PE pipes are connected by butt welding, electric fittings or they can be connected with clamps. They are supplied in black with blue stripes, or in another colour (blue) depending on the type of PE and are marked with a print on a standard metre, where the size, description, date of manufacture are given.

PE potrubí voda

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